Combination/Specialty Projects

Below are some examples of our combination/specialty projects.

Combination Projects

Both our REDCap team and our BMI consultant team work closely together. We often take on combination projects that combine the best of both worlds.  

Some examples:

  • You have a REDCap project that you use for enrollment purposes. We can setup a link with the data warehouse that can periodically add additional clinical information for any participant based on their MRN.
  • You have a query that runs every day to find new potential participants. The results of the daily query get compared to the existing participants in your REDCap project in order to screen out any duplications. The truly new participants get automatically added to the project with contact information.
  • You have a REDCap project with a particular complex scoring tool utilizing look up tables. Instead of trying to program that in REDCap, we can do that lookup in a much simpler way in our data warehouse and feed the results back into REDCap. This can be done on ad hoc basis. 

Our team will let you know if there are any options or potential opportunities in doing one of these combination projects.

Specialty Projects

The BMI services team is part of the Research IT group and one of our mandates is trying to figure out new and innovative ways for helping our research community.

Some examples of when we did just that:

  • MyCap app testing

The MyCap app was still relatively new and untested. As part of a consult, we installed it, tested it and ran a pilot study with the app.

It is now available for use for all our REDCap users.

  • Natural language processing (NLP) 

Clinical notes are notoriously hard to search through with a computer. We have completed a number of projects where we try to do just that with new and experimental NLP algorithms. Eventually we hope to transform these experiences into a standardized NLP pipeline, that can be used to process smaller subsets of notes quickly.  

  • Leaf implementation on non-traditional datasets 

Our home-grown cohort discovery tool, Leaf, can be pointed at virtually any clinical dataset. We are currently trying to spin up a Leaf instance that points towards a regional clinical dataset. 

If you have an idea for doing something innovative in the biomedical informatics domain, please contact usWe are always open to discuss doing work outside our normal activities as part of a consult.