Leaf  History

Leaf was created by Nic Dobbins at Research IT under the University of Washington Medicine. Leaf is a successful cohort discovery tool that has over 300 active users and growing. We believe Leaf is a strong component to the ongoing culture change in research computing, and other institutions do too with several pilots of Leaf taking place right now on infrastructures across the USA.


The people of Leaf

Leaf was created by Nic Dobbins and co-developed by Clifford Spital. Liz Zampino manages the outreach, coordination and collaboration of institutions that are interested in Leaf, please contact her if you have any questions- ezampino@uw.edu.


Leaf Governance Committee

We have an active Leaf Governance Committee that meets on a regular basis. The committee was created in 2019 to foster networking and collaboration across CTSA hubs. The committees aim is to support growth, to steer enhancements and oversee governance of the Leaf user community. The committee members are top in the Research Informatics field from institutions across the nation. Please learn more about each member by visiting here.

Have questions for the committee? Please ask us here!