REDCap Consultation

We get frequent requests for help with REDCap that fall outside of the scope of our free support due to time constraints. To accommodate those types of requests, we offer a “fee for service” consulting option.   

To get more information about how we do intakes for this type of consult, check out our MO REDCap Consultations page. For information about the associated cost, check out our financial page.

We are open to any request related to our REDCap installation. We are always willing to have a conversation about the feasibility of doing work for you.  

However, we do notice a number of common types of consults:


If our regular training sessions do not work for you or your group, we are happy to do a custom training session for you. We’ll come to your location and at a time of your choosing.

Project Builds

Most people build their own REDCap projects without any help from our group. However, we are available to build a REDCap project for you if you don’t have the required time, expertise or personnel.  

We do usually advise that a training component is included in this type of consult. If only to make sure that you’ll be able to utilize the project we built for you.  

Advanced Coding

REDCap has a number of handy features that allows users to quickly build simple logic or calculation statements.  

However, REDCap can also accommodate much more complex statements. Crafting these statements can be tricky to get right without the right training.  

We can help you build out these statements in an existing project. 

Examples of such coding:

  • Complex calculations
  • Scoring form tallies
  • Elaborate eligibility logic
  • Certain lookup tables
  • Automated survey invitation triggers
  • Logic for custom notifications 
External Modules Validation

Our REDCap installation allows for the use of External modules. 

For more information about external modules, check out our policy page.

We do charge to install, validate and activate any external module on our system.

Mobile App Assistance

The REDCap mobile app is a usually piece of software meant for offline data collection by study teams. However, setting up the app and running it properly can be tricky. If you want us to consult on how to do that for your study, we do offer that as a paid consult.  

A frequent requested feature is the ability to develop a custom mobile app for data entry directly by study participant. Due to the inherent costs of developing and maintaining such an app, this is usually a non-starter. However, the MyCap app might fulfill the need for that quite nicely. MyCap offers a platform that’s customizable and syncs its data directly back to a connected REDCap installation.

Check out the app.

We also allow MyCap to be used with our REDCap installation. We can help with the setup of MyCap for your project.